Exciting week!


I totally love the month of December! So many things are happening. It´s an impossible month really. Both work wise, party wise and family wise. Still, I have had the most exciting week. Lots of new things happening. It´s such a busy month but also such a magical time for so many reasons. At the end of the year and I always find myself reflecting back on what has happened in my life for the last twelve months. It feels like a kind of inventory to try and figure out the rest of my life or at least the next year. I love it. It´s very important actually. Life passes us by so fast and truly I love speed. I am a very fast person, I speak very quickly, I make decisions in quite a speedy manor and I live my life at a very fast speed but sometimes it´s also important to press the pause button and just feel for a second. Life is here and now and maybe we just have one go at it. Who knows? 



How was your 2016 and how would you like your 2017 to be? It´s difficult for sure. Life is full of complications but how would you prefer your Next Year to be? You are in charge. You decide or at least you have the possibility to try and take control of your own destiny. 


What I feel already now is the following. I will make much more brave decisions in 2017. I will venture out in completely new areas, I will care less what the people think of me, I will love myself more, I will believe in myself one hundred percent or at least nineny nine percent! Come on, I´m not perfect. I´m working on it. It´s  a working progress.


Can´t wait for Christmas now!


Let´s make 2017 the Best Year Ever!!




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