How it all began…

It was so amazing to catch up with our wonderful friends Bo and Kellie last week in London. Bo is David´s best friend and they used to share a flat together in south London when we all stayed in the same area to get the best dance education possible. A while later I moved in and shortly after that Kellie did as well and then there was no getting rid of us. We had found our men for life. We were so poor and spent every single penny we had on dance lessons, dance training and dance competitions. We worked our little butts off and eventually it paid off for all of us but in very different ways.


You can´t find a nicer guy than Bo Sostrom. He and David have been friends for such a long time and every time we meet up with them both it is as if no time has passed at all. We just pick up where we left off.

They came with their three beautiful children and spent the last day in Legoland Windsor with us. Soon much fun! (James did not want to be in the picture).

Having a ball in Bo´s huge ware house for his candle company. So incredibly happy for him and all his success.

Mr. Watson and Mr. Sostrom trying to look butch! Best Friends for as long as I can remember. The last day we spent in their garden and new house. They live out in the english countryside. It´s so beautiful out there. Thank you Bo and Kellie for some very special quality time together. We miss you both soooo much!




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