Ignorance is bliss… eller?

One think that I work on every single day is my confidence. I think I have pretty good self esteem but my self confidence comes and goes. I´m not quite sure why that is but I see it as an ongoing projekt. Something I have to improve always if I don´t want to miss out on any exciting opportunities.


What facinates me though and has for some time is that the people who seem to have to best confidence and the highest belief in themselves rather often seem to be the people who know the least about that particular subject but of course, as they don´t realize that, they still believe they are fantastic. I wish I had that much confidence in myself.

Then there are of course lots of people who are extremely competent at what they do and also manage to believe in themselves a great deal, as they of course should do, but I can´t help thinking about the previous group sometimes.

What do you think?

Would you rather keep your confidence sky high in rather clueless surroundings or would you prefer to be slightly more aware and realize you have so much more to learn?