Love Hate Relationship!


I used to have this love hate relationship with the gym. It took me so long to even dare trying it out. I felt so insecure about the different machines and how to use them and I felt totally intimidated by the people that were regulars. They looked so sure of themselves and always had such great gym clothes and toned muscles.


The first time I tried it was with David (my husband) when we lived in London during our competitive career. He finally managed to persuade me that this would be a good thing for us. The first machine I hopped on was one of those weight machines on which you have to work you arms. The height of the seat was set far to high for me so my feet did not reach the floor so I immediately lost my balance and just kind of toppled over and did a cartwheel but I hit the ground head first. Ouch! I did´t hurt myself, (only my ego), but I felt so stupid and I was thinking to myself, ”I told you so, the gym is not for me, I knew it”.


I´ve come a long way from those days. Now I nearly always start my working day with a gym session and I totally love it. It´s not always easy. You have to push through a lot of resistance every day and make the decision to go and work your little but off every single day, no matter how tired you are, but it is so worth it I think. I feel so good. I feel strong, healthy and happy when I work out and I always get the best idéas when I´m at the gym. And afterwards, oh my god, I feel so proud of myself and satisfied and it really is a great way to start your day and it´s also a part of my job, a big part to stay in great shape.

For so many years though I really had this stupid love hate relationship with the gym. I wanted to go because I felt I ought to do it and I felt bad when I didn´t and I did not enjoy myself one bit while I was there. I just kind of forced myself to do it. Now I go to the gym because I want to. It´s fun and I feel at home there now. I belong in the gym. Haha! I do different programmes that work for my body and I feel good in my soul and body afterwards. I want to make great choices in my life every day. They are not always easy choices, but they are the right ones.