Lower your expectations!

All the presents are wrapped. The smallest ones are in the stockings. Some are under the tree. One is hidden somewhere in the house (as per Alex´instructions) even though, as he very politely pointed out, he doesn´t know for sure that there will be presents, but if there are, then please hide one.


Tomorrow we go to my mum and dad´s house for Swedish Christmas and on Christmas Day we celebrate British Christmas.

We have stopped giving each other christmas gifts (the growns ups I mean of course). From a few years back now we just given the children presents and we spend the money on food and wine instead. I´m so looking forward to celebrate for the next two days and to spend time with our beautiful immediate and extended family. Everyone is free from work. We can all relax and we have time to sit down and talk and enjoy ourselves and just be together.

I think the key to have a happy holiday is to lower your expectations. I don´t mean that in a negative way at all, I just mean that don´t expect Christmas to turn out the way you think it will. It very rarely does, but if you are willing to let go of all those plans, it might turn out better than you could ever imagine.

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas or as we say it here in Sweden; God Jul allihopa!