Team work, Tolerance and Trust!


OMG! What a bewildering couple of days! First the presidential election in the States and than total snow chaos in our own country in Sweden. The worst snow storm in over a hundred years. It is so unbelievably beautiful everywhere but also a little frustrating because most of us have been snowed in and have had to cancel meetings, work and other appointments. David left very early for his first meeting yesterday but he still got stuck a couple of times during the day. First on the motor way but with a little help from other people he managed to continue his journey and luckily made it on time. He told me he had never seen the motorway like this. Lorries, buses and cars that had driven off the road and were totally stuck and ”parked” in the weirdest and most unlikely places. It was really really scary to drive he said.



I picked the kids up from school and even though it´s only a five minute walk (if even) from our house it took us a lot of time to make it home again because they had so much fun in the snow. Our boys love the snow and thought it was the most exciting thing ever. They dived, jumped and ”swam” through the snow all the way back to our house.


When we finally made it home we stayed outside and played for another hour. It was amazing. We also tried to clear as much snow as possible by our house, the car park and on the road leading on to our and our neighbors´ houses. David got stuck again with our car and so did most of our neighbors and everyone just came out of their houses and helped each other and it was such a nice feeling of friendship, community, total team work and kindness. We even talked about the presidential election and we did not all agree with each other but it was very nice to be able to discuss important things and still accept and like each other even though we did not always see eye to eye on everything.


It kept on snowing and snowing and snowing and it now reaches us (in the untouched areas) all the way up to our waist! Unreal but so incredibly beautiful!


A day that started in chock for many people, continued in chaos because of the snowy weather but ended up (for us) with the whole neighborhood working together, helping each other and being there for each other when it really counted. We all have a choice on how we look at things. It is of course a lot easier to think positive about the snow than it is to think about the new president of one of the most powerful countries in the world. I will never agree that it is a good idea to choose a man who does not believe in equal rights and that all people don´t have the same value to be a leader of anything at all but now the election is done. The people have spoken. That doesn´t mean that we all have to believe in anything less than a world with total tolerance, acceptance, love, kindness and of course equal rights to all.




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