The life of a competitive dancer

You always prepare for the next round!

In competitive ballroom and latin american dancing´s biggest competitions you start with about 600 couples who are the very best in their respective countries and therefore the best couples in the world. Half of those couples will then be called back to the second round in the competition. 300 couples will be decreased to 150 and the following round will recall the top 96 couples. 48 couples will qualify to the fifth round. 24 couples will make it to the quarter final. If you make the top 48 you will get one star after your name and if you make the top 24 you will be rewarded with two stars in the programme and therefore automatically seaded (which means you don´t have to dance the first two rounds which takes place over two whole days) the following year. 12 couples will make the semifinal and 6 couples will finally make the grand final. The 6 best couples in the world.


You always, always prepare for the next round. You warm up your body, you prepare yourself mentally, you visualize yourself making that magical final. You wait for your number to be called out knowing that it could make or break you.

You don´t expect it. You don´t demand it. You always stay humble but you always, always prepare for it. You have to be ready.

Your physical dancing body is extremely important but your mind is everything.

The life of a competitive dancer.